Posted by: libraryexplorer | December 6, 2010

Springfield Library (of Elgin County Public Library)

Springfield, Ontario is a tiny village in southwestern Ontario. It only took me about 45 minutes to drive out there to visit their new library building.

The branch, which opened July 2nd, 2010, looks fresh, new and has great natural light. The windows are high up the wall, allowing shelves to reach up 5 feet.

Three cushions sit on a corner bench. Full bookshelves are placed on either side of the bench.

The teen corner in Springfield Library.

My favourite aspect of the library is the teen corner. It’s small, but has fun furniture. The question the branch supervisor ask me was, what do we put in the drawers? You  can see there are drawers built into the bench. Right now they are empty. What would you put in them? Something that teenagers would be interested in, but something that will last longer than one day. Any ideas?

Another aspect of the Springfield library was the fact that there was no signage hanging from the ceiling. It was subtle, but once the branch supervisor pointed it out, I realized that I liked the airiness of the empty space.

There was signage on the shelves, at adult eye level and child eye level. Several bookshelves were set out specifically for displaying books, DVDs, and CDs. Springfield (as well as Aylmer and several other Elgin County public libraries) also provide backpacks with 10 picture books in them. They are a great way for parents to check out several books when they don’t have time to browse the shelves.


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